Vision & Mission



APMHSS provides students’ with a holistic secure and comfortable learning environment. Imparting the virtues of humanity, hospitality and honesty among the students. Setting lofty goals and making them to work hard to realize their full potential. Enabling every student to thrive in a world that is changing quickly by building a solid foundation of globalized educational knowledge, values, skills, spirituality and moulds every student as an ethical citizen.



Student: We offer a clean, secure, friendly and engaging dream big and make them think out of the box.Every student feels valued, succeeds and has a pleasant experience at APMHSS.

Staff: APMHSS strives to nurture Academic excellence and character development.Employees collaborate as a team, worksto achieve the Mission via Educational & Co-curricular Excellenceby Academic, Cultural, Social, Psychological, Moral, Emotional support and direction.


Parent:Our parent communityexhibits responsible behaviour and acts as an active contributor for growth and development of their child’s education at APMHSS.

Core Values:

  • Learning– Supporting a learning environment that continuously motivates all individuals to excel.


  • Relationships– Creating and maintaining meaningful relationships among students, families, teachers and Non-teachingfaculty and community partners.


  • Integrity– Conducting ourselves with honesty and responsibility.


  • Accountability– Demonstrating personal and institutional accountability for student learning, ethical conduct ,adherence to mandate, policies and procedures.


Service – Dedicating ourselves in delivering excellent service. We nurture students’growth to prepare them for the next level of learning and beyond.